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Gold Record and GRAMMY winning artist Dickie Goodman, is Guinness certified for the most Billboard chart entries (17) for novelty/comedy records. Whether you are already a big fan or just want to find out more, you can check it out here or use the links to navigate to our other fan sites or your own favorite music site for Dickie Goodman streams, downloads and CD's.

Dickie Goodman is most famous as a novelty recording artist. Beginning in 1956 with his first hit, The Flying Saucer, Dickie launched a career producing and publishing his own hit records including the Gold Record from 1975, Mr. Jaws. He was an independent music artist even before they coined the phrase "Indie."

From the very start, Dickie Goodman was a song writer, performer, producer and publisher, not limited to his own novelty records, songs and music, but for many others as well-
The Del Vikings
Bobby Darin
Frankie Sardo
The Nutmegs
The Sonnets
Frankie Lymon
The Glass Bottle
-and many more over the decades.

Dickie Goodman Productions perpetuates the legacy by publishing his works to keep them available to the public with modern media. And we continue to grow by publishing people just like you... 

Thank you for visiting DickieGoodman.com where you are welcome to be a fan of the legend, or create fans for yourself!

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