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Do you want a real record deal? Do you want to hear yourself on the radio? Do you want people all over the world purchasing your streams, downloads, CD's or audio books? If your answer is yes, yes, yes, then you are at the right place at the right time!
You may attain the fame and fortune you have dreamed about by sharing your creativity with the public. We make it easy for you. You have already done your part just by creating your own audio recording of your work.
Whether it's the narrative of your book, or a comedy/stand-up routine or your song(s) and music... we use your audio recording(s) to get you published and available for sale world wide!

We have been music publishers since 1956 with account holdings in all aspects of the business; BMI, HFA, NMPA, NARAS, SiriusXM, iTunes, Amazon and every music download site on earth!

The process is simple- as your publisher we exploit your master recordings and account to you with a very generous 00/100 royalty split YOUR WAY! We send you an agreement, you send us your recording, track listing and photo... and together we turn dreams into reality. 

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